(photo by Bob Montgomery)

Food-Wine-Beer Festival In Bayfield Packed Again This Year

The Bayfield Food Wine and Beer Festival sold out again this year.

This is the third year for the festival and the owner of Alton Farms Estate Winery in Plympton-Wyoming says he was there for the first year, and he’s been there for the two festivals since then.

Marc Alton says they started the Huron Shores wine region 12 years ago, trying to encourage growers and wine-makers in the region and the festival helps promote that.

He adds he’s part of a wine-growing group that now has twenty growers and he expects to see a couple of new wineries open in the next year.

He also points out a winery or brewery can lead to the creation of a food industry around the wine or beer, and he has now started hosting different events and has a patio with a pizza oven on it and that’s attracting more tourists to his area.

“Twelve years ago when we started the wine region, this is called Huron Shores, so we’ve been trying to push wine-growing and wine-making in Huron Shores,” says Alton. “This kind of event helps promote it to other locals and gets them interested in doing grapes and wines as well.”