Tenants Out Of Mildmay Units For Weekend

(Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo / lisafx)

A fire earlier this week in one of the units of an apartment building in Mildmay has triggered a larger repair job.

Bruce County’s Affordable Housing Units building was evacuated Wednesday evening because of a fire. Bruce County’s housing team has assisted with relocating all the tenants. The situation will be assessed on Monday.

County CAO Kelley Coulter confirms that the fire was caused by a faulty electrical wire in one of the units. That unit was badly damaged by the fire and is not useable. After further inspection, it was determined that some of the wiring to all units had been compromised.

Contractors are on site and will work throughout the weekend to restore the safety of all units.

This is the same building on Adam St. in Mildmay that was evacuated in January because of a water leak in the basement. There were concerns that the water would mix with certain chemicals that were stored in the basement, which could cause a toxic reaction. Residents were out of their units for more than a week.