Strike Continues At Compass Minerals Mine In Goderich

(photo by Bob Montgomery)

It’s been almost a week since unionized workers at the Compass Minerals mine in Goderich walked out on strike.

National Unifor representative Glenn Sonier says they’ve established their own protocol for allowing vehicles in and out but they’re hoping to sit down with the company and the OPP to arrive at an arrangement that is acceptable to everyone.

Sonier says wages are not an issue in this negotiation – key issues include the erosion of benefits for retirees, and the defined profit sharing program that’s part of their pension plan, which he says was thrown on the table at the last minute.

He adds shift schedules are important to the company and they’ve indicated they’d work with them, however, the company added some attachments to that like mandatory overtime or offering overtime to contractors that are not acceptable to the union members.

Sonier says as far as a settlement is concerned, the ball is in the company’s court.

He told CKNX News, “I’d say historically, this time of year is a busy time of year for them, but the company, I think their production has been down over the last couple of years, so they’re still trying to manage how they operate their new technology.”