Environment Canada Looking For Volunteer Storm Spotters

Environment Canada is looking for volunteers to become CanWarn storm spotters.

Huron County Emergency Manager Dave Clark says storm spotters provide eyes and ears on the ground, and points out that Environment Canada has satellite systems, radar and lightning detection, but that doesn’t really give a picture of what’s happening on the ground.

He adds that since the tornado hit Goderich, and the summer storm of 1995, Huron County residents are more aware of the potential for serious damage from a storm.

The training session is being held from 7pm to 9:30pm at the town hall in Clinton on April 25.

Anyone wishing to become a Canwarn storm spotter can contact Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Geoff Coulson at Geoff.coulson@canada.ca.

According to Clark, “I think that resonates with a lot of people in Huron County, that having a tornado go through the area, certainly more aware and the need for more quick and effective warnings to protect people from things like that.”