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OFA Looks For Support For Its Producing Prosperity In Ontario Campaign

The Huron and Ontario Federations of Agriculture made a presentation to Huron County council Wednesday looking for support for its Producing Prosperity in Ontario campaign.

OFA representative Brent Royce says rural Ontario is losing people to urban centres, so something has to be done to reverse that trend. He believes part of the solution is education — getting the message out about what rural Ontario has to offer.

“You talk to lots of people that have come out to rural Ontario – they love it. So we need to sell that message,” he says. “We need to get the infrastructure here and the support to keep those people, to keep the jobs here, to let those people be allowed to move out here and make a living.”

Royce adds it’s not enough to get immigrants here, the area needs to provide what they’re used to, and that means places of worship and places where they feel comfortable. He points out that a lot of them grew up on farms and would love to live in rural Ontario but the area does not have the social aspects for them.

More information on the Producing Prosperity in Ontario campaign can be found on the OFA website.