OPP Launches #PocketYourKeys Campaign

(© Can Stock Photo / dolgachov)

The OPP in South Bruce is trying to cut down on the number of vehicle thefts in their area, and across the region.

There were 106 stolen vehicles reported to the South Bruce OPP detachment in 2017. The numbers continue to rise across the province, especially in rural and agricultural areas.

In over half of the cases, vehicles were unlocked, had the keys left inside, or were left running.

The goal of the #PocketYourKeys Auto Theft Prevention campaign is to educate vehicle owners to take responsibility for their keys when their vehicle is not in use.

Posters, postcards and short videos will be made available for use by schools, community partners and the public at www.opp.ca.

Police stress that when a vehicle is stolen, it could be used in a criminal act like a break and enter, transporting stolen property, trafficking of drugs or human trafficking. Another risk for a vehicle owner is the liability should it be involved in a serious crash.

In a news release, Inspector Dana Earley, OPP South Bruce Detachment Commander stated, “#PocketYourKeys is not only about vehicle theft, it’s about our responsibilities to ensure our communities are safe by taking a simple preventative measure; it’s a public safety initiative that will protect both property and people.”

There are some simple steps to help protect you as the vehicle owner and reduce the number of stolen vehicles:
– Do not leave your keys in your vehicle.
– Do not leave your vehicle running.
– Lock your vehicle.
– Treat your keys like cash – don’t leave keys in places where they are easy to steal such as a gym locker, on your desk at work, in an open purse or unattended in a shopping cart.
– Never leave anything in your vehicle in plain view such as loose change, cell phones, cameras, clothing, gifts, cigarettes, medication, firearms or any other valuables.
– Install a remote starter – remote starters are designed to shut off if anyone attempts to drive the vehicle without a key.   This will allow you to warm up your vehicle without risk of theft.