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Grant Requests Process To Be Examined By Huron County Council

Huron County’s acting economic development director has presented a draft process for members of the Huron Economic Development Board to follow in dealing with grant requests.

Cody Joudry the draft provides a framework that makes it clear what that process would look like and what the Economic Development Board is looking for.

The process involves eight steps, but Joudry says the key one is the applicant should have a business plan or an equivalent that’s thought out financially and process-wise, that outlines key questions about sustainability.

Joudry adds if the organization is capable of repaying the money they’re given, that would be a reasonable expectation.

He also suggested any money given out by the Huron Economic Development Board should not create an unfair competitive advantage for the recipient.

Joudry expects members of the board will review the draft and make a few tweaks before sending it on to Huron County Council.