Bruce-Grey Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker (photo submitted)

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Walker Says Party Must Unite Behind New Leader

With new Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford in place, Conservative party members are beginning to focus on the June election for the premiership of Ontario.

Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says it’s time to get behind what Ford’s vision is and unite the party, and ensure that Ford has all the insight he can get from the local MPPs.

“I hope what he’ll do is take the feedback from caucus who are around the table, who do understand the playing field,” says Walker. “Any sports teams I ever played on, the best teams were the ones that everybody is bringing their strength to the table. So that’s my hope and we’ll see where it goes step by step.”

Walker says Ford’s promise to make Ontario the leader in job growth and economic prosperity is a rallying point the whole party should support.

“Ontario should always be the economic engine of Canada, at it certainly isn’t at this point, so I think that bodes well for what he brings and he wants people to come to Ontario,” he says. “That’s a good thing for all of us.”

After some confusion with the voting system Saturday night, Ford was named leader of the party, and Walker says the focus now shifts to building a platform that benefits all Ontarians.

“I’m hoping what he’ll do is take all our strengths and collectively be able to meld all that together and of course put a vision forward that is good for urban and rural Ontario, because I think we always have to be looking at, if the Province is doing well, everyone individually is doing well,” says Walker.

In terms of an edge, Walker says Ford’s experience in Toronto politics will give him a beneficial edge, but that it’s important to address rural concerns like rising hydro and business costs.