Helix is set to play at the Blyth Festival May 17th. (Photo courtesy of Helix and Brian Vollmer)

Helix To Play At Blyth Festival

Canadian rock band Helix is coming to the Blyth Festival.

Marketing Director Heather Boa says the event is a fundraiser for the festival.  She adds that the occasion is fitting because Helix lead singer Brian Vollmer is from Listowel, and both the festival and the band are celebrating their 44th anniversary.

Boa explains the concert also came about by accident after the festival’s board members heard Helix at a living room concert in London.  She says Helix is starting to do some acoustic performances so they got talking and thought Blyth would be a good venue for the band.

The concert takes place on May 17 and tickets are now on sale at the Blyth Festival box office, 1-877-862-5984, or online at www.blythfestival.com.