Councillor Trevor Seip responding to a question regarding policing in the town of Wingham.

North Huron Expected To Refuse OPP Costing Proposal For Wingham

It appears North Huron council is poised to vote for the status quo when it comes to policing in Wingham.

After receiving a costing proposal from the Ontario Provincial Police that would have seen the Wingham Police Service abolished, six of seven council members have told CKNX News they’re at least leaning towards voting to keep the Wingham Police service.

A public meeting on Monday saw a lot of support for keeping the town police service, as well as members of Blyth and East Wawanosh making their voices heard, noting they’re happy with their current OPP coverage in favour of any possibility of having their areas turned over to an expanded Wingham Police Service.

North Reeve Neil Vincent said he hopes everyone is able to share their thoughts.

“We are trying to make sure everybody has their chance, whether it’s a group setting like this, or whether it’s a phone call, or someone stopping at my doorstep,” said Vincent.

Vincent said he is pushing to have a vote on the OPP costing proposal added to the next council meeting’s agenda on Monday, March 5.

Monday’s special council meeting was well-attended as North Huron took comments from the public regarding the OPP cost proposal.