Affordable Housing Coming To Goderich

Goderich council passed a motion this week to proceed with development of affordable housing on part of the site of the former Victoria Street Public School.

Mayor Kevin Morrison says funding is available for ten united through the Province, by way of the county. But he says developers are interested in adding to that total. Morrison says he can’t say how many units there will be in the final projects, that will likely be up to the developers. But Morrison says there are more than one developer interested so that’s a good sign.

He adds the time lines are very tight; they have to get back to the county by February 26th, so the negotiations are now in the hands of staff. Morrison adds it makes sense to have the units in Goderich because they have the amenities and the services and they also have the need.

“I can’t really talk about the number of units for the end project that’s being looked at. Right now that’s confidential. But I can tell you that funding is available for up to ten units and that’s through the county, which in essence is through the Province, and it just makes sense in that we have the amenities, we have the services here and it’s certainly something that’s needed.”

“Time lines are very quick. I believe it’s the 26th that it has to go back to the county. So council voted to put it in the hands of staff to negotiate terms. There is conditions and I can tell you that there is more than one party that is interested so that makes it an advantageous thing for a project like this.”