Bruce County Officials Assess Bridges In Chesley And Paisley

Teeswater River bridge in Paisley. (Photo courtesy of Bruce County)

Bruce County officials are still concerned with high water levels at the Teeswater River Bridge on Bruce Rd. 3 in Paisley and are keeping Bruce Rd. 1 closed for the time being.

A release from Bruce County Transportation and Environmental Services says the county is continuing to monitor all roads and bridges for both flooding and structural integrity.

The release also touches on the Chesley Main Street Bridge on Bruce Rd. 30 saying it is going to be replaced.

The county had been planning to replace the bridge in 2021 but with Wednesday’s flooding causing significant structural damage the county “has now moved the replacement to an immediate need.” County officials are looking into the timing and what’s needed for a quick replacement.

While the bridge is closed indefinitely to vehicle traffic pedestrian traffic is being allowed. Engineers are still assessing the damage to the bridge’s supports.