Storefronts in downtown Hensall (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Former Brenda’s Restaurant Has New Owners

The former Brenda’s Restaurant in Hensall has new owners.

Rohit and Gilanjali Aggarwali’s parents are from India but they were both born and have lived all of their lives in Brampton. When their son, Raja, was born last August they decided they wanted to get away from life in a big city and enjoy raising their son. Gee says they found the for sale add for the restaurant on the internet and when they drove out to Hensall last August they decided this was their new home. And Brenda’s Restaurant is now RORO’s a la carte Restaurant.

Gee explains Ro is her husband’s nickname and her’s is Gee. She says they love living in a small town like Hensall and living near the lake and she says the people she’s met so far have been amazing, always taking the time to talk to you and asking how you’re doing. She says in Brampton you seldom spoke to your neighbours. She says people are starting to notice the restaurant is open. Gee says their menu is the traditional Canadian breakfast, lunch and brunch but she says they try to feature some international foods on special nights and that could be something from India, or Jamaica, Thai or Italian.

The restaurant is located on the main street in Hensall across from Iceculture.

“I showed my husband the idea of having a business on the bottom and a house on top and he kind of loved it and we were like, let’s go out for a drive and we came down here, I think, one Sunday afternoon in August and we just imagined our life here,” says Gee. “My husband and I both love it. It’s peaceful, it’s by the water. We love being by the water. And the people are so friendly, like they take the time to ask you how you are. Even if you say you’re good, if they know, they can feel that you’re not, they’ll ask, you know, are you doing okay.”

Rohit and Gilanjali Aggarwali and their son Raja. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)