Janet Baird-Jackson, Superintendent of Corporate Services - Avon Maitland District School Board (Bob Montgomery photo)

Ministry Guidelines For School Closures Now In Draft Form

The Avon Maitland District School Board’s Superintendent of Corporate Services says the new guidelines for schools closures are still in draft form at this point.

Janet Baird-Jackson says there are some changes in the draft,  and some – like the requirement to show the impact on the local community – bring back something that was there in the past.   She says the distinction for schools receiving rural funding acknowledges a difference between urban and rural schools and Baird-Jackson says she believes the Ministry wants to protect rural schools, where possible.

The ministry also wants more dialogue between boards and their municipal partners on ways to keep schools open.    Baird-Jackson points out the number of public meetings required has been reduced from four to three,  but the time between meetings has been expanded to allow more time for people to think about the issues and bring them forward.

Again, Baird-Jackson says this is just a draft and it will be posted for consultation until March 23.