Cost Of Policing Becoming A Common Theme

The First vice president of the Ontario Association of Police Services Board feels North Huron’s decision on whether to disband the Wingham Police Service is a discussion that’s becoming very common across the province.

Kevin Eccles, who is also the mayor of West Grey, is seeing a rise in the number of councils that are either considering leaving its current OPP service, or exploring the possibility of having expanded municipal police services cover their areas.

Eccles feels this is due to cost alone, noting with a municipal election coming up in 2018, many councils want to explore these types cost-cutting measures.

The Township of Chatsworth has requested costing from nearby West Grey to explore the possibility of the West Grey Police Service covering the entire Township.

Mayor Bob Pringle says it’s important to explore avenues that keep costs down and while Chatsworth likes the OPP coverage they have now, council feels the cost is too high.

North Huron Councillor Trevor Seip has called for a special exemption for a council meeting on February 26h, which would allow members of the public to address members of council directly about this issue.

North Huron must accept, or deny, the OPP costing proposal by March 25.