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Cougar And Bear Sightings More Common In Huron County

Huron County’s animal control officer says sightings of wild animals are becoming more common in the county and the animals seem to be getting more comfortable around humans.

In his annual report to Central Huron council, Bob Trick said he has had more reports of cougars in the area.

“It was in October-November and especially after the first deer hunt. I presume the hunters worked them up a bit, out hunting deer and maybe they moved the cougars around,” he said.

Trick added he still hasn’t seen any pictures of the cougars and it’s difficult to get footprints on hard ground. However, he’s had enough reports of cougar sightings from several different areas that he believes they are in Huron County.

Trick also said black bears are becoming so common that people don’t even call him until two or three days after they see one. He said he suspects people have just accepted the fact that they’re here and it’s not a novelty anymore.

Trick said he had reports of bears in the Holmesville and Clinton areas as well as along Hwy. 21, which suggests more than one bear, but he can’t say if the populations are increasing or not.

“People are starting to realize there are bears in the area and they aren’t alarmed as much,” said Trick. “I got a call a couple of weeks ago about hunters out hunting coyotes and the thought they found a bear dead.”