The newly renovated front of the Blyth memorial Hall, with a crowd gathered outside for the unveiling. May 19th, 2017 (Photo by Ryan Drury)

Blyth Festival Gets Big Funding Boosts

The Blyth Festival had a grant request approved by North Huron Council last week.

Gil Garratt, the Artistic Director for Blyth Festival, says that the festival and theatre attract over 20,000 people annually to the town, and the extra funding goes a long way to helping promote the community.

“When we are distributing all of our materials, not only promoting Blyth Festival but also promoting North Huron as a tourist destination, as well as a community for people to live and work in. We do everything that we can to promote all the other businesses around.”

Garratt says the season in 2017 was another big success, and the Blyth Festival is aiming to make 2018 an even bigger success this year, and the $15,000 in funding from the municipality will help them achieve their goal. Garratt says they received more exciting news last week as well.

“We also shared some great news with council that the Canada Council for the Arts significantly increased Blyth Festival’s funding this year which is huge.”

The total dollar amount of the new funding is $270,000 a year, which Garratt says is a huge achievement, and it speaks to how valued the Blyth Festival is not just on a community scale, but a national one as well.