Thursday Tunes at the Libro Centre in Clinton on Feb. 8, 2018. (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Clinton Seniors Love To Dance

A Valentine’s Day dance in Clinton Thursday attracted more than 100 dancers and 17 musicians.

It was just the second Thursday’s Tunes celebration.

Coordinator Joyce Cook says the Thursday’s Tunes idea was something she’s wanted to do for a couple of years and the town, along with its community improvement coordinator, have been instrumental in making it happen.

Cook says she had no idea the musicians were so anxious to play because they play in Seaforth on Tuesdays and Clinton on Thursdays. Cook says the dancers and spectators were just as happy to get out and get some exercise and socialize, so everyone wins.

The dances are held almost every Thursday afternoon at the Libro Community Centre in Clinton, but anyone coming out is advised to check the municipal website ahead of time.

“It means just as much to them. They are bored with TV and they’re happy to be here and it means just as much to them to get out and exercise and socialize,” says Cook.