The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in St. Marys. Photo by Flickr user Robert Taylor. Used with a Creative Commons licence.

Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame Getting A Face-Lift

A great sports site in St. Marys is getting a face-lift.

The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame is undergoing a big renovation, which began in December.

Director of Operations Scott Crawford says the new additions are going to be pretty substantial.

“We’re adding 2,500 sq ft of new space to the Hall of Fame which will more than double the size we currently have,” he says. “Half is going to be for our archives and collections so we can look after them in a better condition and environment, and then we’ll have a new little display space.”

Crawford also says there’s more work being done on top of that.

“Also exciting after that is the current museum, if you’ve been in that, it’s a little old, and we’re going to renovate the inside and make it look like a fantastic new museum,” he says.

The renovations will be completed by the spring. This year the hall will welcome three new members in former Montreal Expo Pedro Martinez, former Blue Jay Lloyd Moseby, and longtime baseball historian William Humber. That induction weekend will start June 16.