Huron County CAO Meighan Wark. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

New CAO Confirmed For Huron County

Huron County council confirmed its new CAO at today’s county council meeting.

Meighan Wark has been the acting CAO for the last six months, following the departure of Brenda Orchard. Before assuming the role, Wark had been the county’s director of cultural services and she continues to hold that position as well until a replacement is named.

Wark says she’s very grateful to council for the support and the opportunity they’ve given her.

“The Workforce Attraction and Retention Strategy that was put forward by the staff a couple of months ago to council is really aggressive and it’s quite comprehensive in terms of the strategy that they’re looking to adopt and that’s again to bring workers into Huron County,” says Wark. “The other big project that we have on the go is the Agri-food Strategy so that’s really exciting. I think we’ll be looking at implementing those strategies over the next number of years and working with out lower tiers too in furthering their economic development priorities.”