Former Goderich Mayor Kevin Morrison (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Goderich Mayor Pleased With ROMA Opportunities

The mayor of Goderich says events like the recent ROMA conference provide mayors and councillors of smaller municipalities with a unique opportunity to express their concerns to provincial officials.

Kevin Morrison says one of the things that those provincial officials need to understand is that everything doesn’t happen in Toronto. He says the issues that are facing rural municipalities are not necessarily the same as those facing politicians in bigger cities.

Morrison says rural municipalities have to be more vocal in expressing concerns about health care and education.

“They’re going to have to play catch-up real quick because of the demographics that we have of the ageing communities and society. Where are we going to put these people? How are we going take care of them? Are we going to keep them in their homes longer with the proper care that’s needed? Are we going to put them in the long-term care facilities that don’t exist? We’re getting over-crowding in hospitals.”

Education is another concern for rural communities, with students on buses for between three to four hours a day. Morrison says that’s not healthy or helpful in getting an education.

The Goderich mayor says whether provincial officials are actually listening may be another matter.