Huron County’s Economic Development Director Discusses Issues At Meeting

About 45 participants in economic development in Huron County recently met to exchange ideas.

County Director of Economic Development, Cody Joudry explains members of the Economic Development Department, the Economic Development Board, BIAs and Chambers of Commerce get together every quarter to get to know each other and learn what members of each group is responsible for and where they all fit in the bigger picture.

Joudry says it’s always important for the left hand to know what the right hand is doing, but it’s equally important to exchange ideas on how each sector deals with similar issues that they all face.

Joundry says a lot of economic development activity in the county and it’s important to have everyone on the same page.

So there’s a lot to understand around the table about who’s doing what, but also we talked about roles and responsibilities within that ec. dev space, so we were starting the conservation about, ok, who is responsible for this and that, so everyone knows what they’re responsible for.”

sharing who’s doing what, but also someone from the BIA going “oh, well that’s interesting, I didn’t realize that’s what the municipality does or that’s what the county did or that’s what the Province did or that’s what the Chamber or one BIA saying oh that’s interesting that you guys are doing that. As another BIA, here’s what we’re doing.”