North Huron Council members at budget talks - January 29th, 2018

Cuts Or Closures May Be Needed For North Perth To Pass Budget

Fears are growing among North Perth Council members that huge cuts or facility closures could be needed for the 2018 budget to pass.

An 8.4% operational increase was the main topic of conversation Monday night, with most council members agreeing this must be lowered through cuts.

It’s hoped that a request to staff to find savings will bear fruit, otherwise, a plan for all departments to reduce their own budgets by one to two percent may be put into action.

Budget Chair Matt Duncan and CAO Kriss Snell both admitted having budget projects and allocations for the new Steve Kerr Memorial Complex, which is proving to be a challenge and a change.

The old Listowel Arena was something council has been trying to keep standing while the new facility was built, and now that that process over, it’s time to make sure this new facility has everything it needs to continue to be successful.

North Perth has three budget meetings remaining and hopes to have a budget passed sometime in March.