Local MPPs React To Patrick Brown’s Resignation

Bruce-Grey Owen Sound PC MPP Bill Walker admits to being shocked by the resignation of Patrick Brown, but Walker says Brown is correct in stepping down as party leader.

“Patrick has done the right thing. He couldn’t have this cloud hanging over him and try to lead us through an election. He stated last night that he believes they’re false allegations and he’s going to do everything in his power to correct them,” says Walker.

Walker says the PCs must stay focused despite the allegations of sexual misconduct that have been leveled at Brown.

“That has to be moved to the side, he can go off and do his thing to prove his innocence and we have to stick to what we’re put in the role to do as representatives and make sure that we put forward the best platform possible and win the next election,” he says.

Walker says the PC caucus is to meet Friday to determine the next steps and protocols to choose a new leader to lead them into the June election.

Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson released a statement regarding the allegations against Brown and his resignation.

“While due legal process must be respected and followed with regards to the allegations raised against Mr. Brown, my colleagues and I have addressed this situation swiftly and decisively. We agreed that he cannot lead us into the upcoming election, and have accepted his resignation,” she says. “No one should ever have to tolerate or fear harassment of any sort. My Caucus colleagues and I firmly believe in the principles of a safe and respectful society for all.”