Evacuation Order At Mildmay Housing Units Remains In Effect

An evacuation order at Bruce County’s Affordable Housing Units on Adam Street in Mildmay remains in effect.

The building was evacuated Friday when a water leak occurred, and the water that got into the building is suspected of possibly coming into contact with creosote.

The Grey Bruce Health Unit is taking all precautions, and plan to conduct a health and safety reassessment early this week.

Some residents are with family and friends, while others were provided with temporary housing.

Bruce County CAO Kelley Coulter explains, “The Grey Bruce Health Unit has advised us to leave the building vacant until a safety reassessment takes place. The water that leaked into the building may have come in contact with suspected creosote. As a safety precaution, we want to be sure that the residents do not return to the units until we are advised it is safe to do so.”

Coulter explains that “an apology has been forwarded to the residents, and it is realized that this has caused inconveniences for these residents. However, our main concern is the safety of our residents. All residents will be assisted back to their homes as early as possible. Some residents remain safely with families, while others were provided with alternative housing.”