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Huron County Council Gets Food Banks Update

The Executive Director of the Huron County Food Banks Distribution Centre brought County councillors up to date on some of their activities over the past year.

The county supports the Centre with $60,000 each year.

Mary Ellen Zielman explains that aside from providing food for all of the food banks in the county, they also work with eight other agencies in the county like the Women’s Shelter, Second Stage Housing and Choices for Change that help people in need.

She says it’s encouraging to see some people get back on their feet and stop coming to the food bank, but she adds there are others who used to donate to the food bank and are now coming in because they need help.

Zielman points out those people often have one or even two jobs, but at minimum wage, and by the time they pay for sitters and things for their kids, there isn’t enough money left.

At this point, Zielman says she’s not sure what impact the increased minimum wage will have.

“I’ve heard the comment that people need to get a job, but I think people need to understand when you’re struggling with food insecurity, self-esteem issues and everything that goes along with mental health issues, people are just not able to go out and get a job,” she says. “It’s just not as simple as that.”

Mary Ellen Zielman, Executive Director Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre (Bob Montgomery photo)