Problems Solved Between North Huron Council and Firefighters

North Huron Firefighters packed into a meeting at the Emergency Services Training Centre in Blyth

The standoff between firefighters and council members in North Huron has come to a close.

After deliberating for close to three hours at the Emergency Services Training Centre in Blyth, Reeve Neil Vincent announced motions which drew applause from a group of approximately 50 firefighters.

The new deal sees an amendment to job titles at North Huron Fire Departments, with Deputy Chiefs Matt Townsend and Chad Kregar assuming the duties and responsibilities of Director of Emergency and Fire Services.

Mark Alderman, who previously was named Interim Fire Chief, now takes on the role of Principal of the Emergency Services Training Centre.    Townsend and Kregar were part of a group of 40 firefighters who verbally resigned last week.

Reeve Neil Vincent mentioned one existing bylaw, which stated Deputy Chiefs would assume the responsibilities of a Fire Chief after the departure of a previous Chief, would simply be followed by council, meaning no appointments had to be approved.

When asked if firefighters were concerned this bylaw was not being followed by council in the search for a new Chief, Vincent said “That’s probably a big part of it”.

After the meeting ended, Deputy Reeve James Campbell answered questions from a small group of concerned citizens, and during one heated exchange made it clear that the people of North Huron were never at risk of not being covered in a fire emergency.