(© Can Stock Photo / Dole)

Perth County Starting To See Flu Cases

Influenza has arrived in Perth County.

There are currently fewer than five lab-confirmed cases of influenza, but the Health Unit states that many people who are sick are not sick enough to be hospitalized and tested.    Therefore, the lab-confirmed cases may only represent a small number of people who have the flu.

The Health Unit is urging people who are sick to stay home.   People who are ill are especially urged to avoid visiting long-term care homes or hospitals until they are well again.

The flu shot is the best protection against the flu and is available through family doctors and at pharmacies.

“The flu has been circulating in the province for the last few weeks so we are not surprised to see it here,” says Lorna Askes, Public Health Nurse.    Flu season in Canada usually runs from November to April.

To help stay healthy this winter, the Health Unit advises all residents to take simple precautions like getting a flu shot, washing hands thoroughly and often, cough or sneeze into your sleeve, keep surfaces and items disinfected, and stay home if you are sick.