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Hanover Begins Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan

Hanover has started the development of a Master Plan that will guide decision-making of parks, recreation and culture services over the next 15 years.

A consulting firm has been hired to complete the Master Plan process.

It’s been over 25 years since Hanover’s last Master Plan was completed.    Some of the recommendations in that report resulted in the development of the Rail Lands Leisure Park area – including the soccer fields, planning for trails development, lighting of a second Kinsmen diamond and various policy related documents.

Prc solutions began work in mid-November.    The Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee is the steering committee for the Master Plan and is providing input.

A major component is to provide an opportunity for residents, users, staff and stakeholders to give input.    Dates for public meetings will be announced soon.

Updates will be available from the Town of Hanover website and social media.
For more information on the Master Plan, go to www.hanover.ca/parks-and-recreation-master-plan.

Mayor Sue Paterson stated, “An assessment of our parks, recreation and culture operations is necessary to ensure we are meeting the current and future needs of our community in consideration of fiscal realities and corporate objectives focused on efficient, effective and sustainable delivery of services.”