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AMDSB High School Enrollment Beats Estimates

A Superintendent of Education for the Avon Maitland District School Board says secondary enrollment is slightly higher than estimates, but still down from last year.

Cheri Carter says the enrollment as of the end of October was 7.27 above earlier estimates.   She explains in secondary, the Full Time Equivalent is different because students could take part-time or three-quarters time, but the 7.27 increase over estimates is still good news because after years of declining enrollment they appear to be levelling off slightly.

Carter points out the declining enrollment that was moving through the elementary level is now moving through the secondary level, but in the long term – they can now see where the secondary enrollment will level off and that’s encouraging.

Carter explains, “The lower cohort that has moved through elementary are now coming through secondary so our long-term projections are eventually secondary will level off and not decrease any more, so it seems to me that we’re coming out of the steep decrease in secondary and we’re kind of levelling off a little bit.”