Re-branding Of Huron County Put On Hold

Huron County’s Director of Economic Development says any effort to re-brand the county should be delayed for a while.

Cody Joudry says re-branding has been discussed at various levels but he says any attempt to re-brand the county at this point would be premature. Joudry explains there was some discussion at the Huron Economic Development Board about looking at the current brand and he explained a tourism, arts and culture task force is currently developing a work plan and the strategy for those sectors.

Joudry believes it would be best to wait until that was finished and had been evaluated before making any decisions about possible changes to the branding of the county.

“There is a tourism, arts and culture task force which is developing a work plan and strategy for those sectors and I think we should evaluate that before we start talking about brand, whether we want to evaluate it or keep it.”