Huron County Ready For ‘Growing Success’

The director of Huron County’s Economic Development Department says they’re getting ready to move ahead with the Growing Success project proposed by the county’s Economic Development Board.

Cody Joudry explains as soon as they’ve chosen a successful proposal, they can proceed with the project with a goal to promote and enable economic development in Huron County.

“The object of the proposal is to identify opportunities to further enhance economic development opportunities within the county and create a more positive business environment at both the county level and the member municipality level,” he says.

Joudry says there is room for improvement at both the county and the member municipality level, but adds there also some distinct differences between the needs at each level.

He says what might be very effective at the regional, or county, level won’t meet the unique needs at the local or municipal level. So, he says a big part of the challenge is respecting and appreciating those differences. He suggests bringing a third party in to look at the whole picture is important.