Saugeen Shores Police Chief Dan Rivett ( photo)

Last Day On The Job For Saugeen Shores Police Chief

The chief of the Saugeen Shores Police Service will officially hand over his badge on Thursday.

Dan Rivett says it’s a bittersweet end to his policing career in Saugeen Shores, which has spanned two decades, including the past 11 years as chief.

He says he and his wife Glenna are excited to begin a new chapter by moving to the Ottawa area to be closer to their children and grandchildren, but admits it’s difficult to leave Saugeen Shores.

“Saugeen Shores has been so good to us, both my wife and I, we love the area, we have a lot of friends here and a lot of acquaintances,” says Rivett. “We’re going to miss everybody.”

Rivett says he feels his career in Saugeen Shores has come full circle, as council is set to begin construction on a new police building next year, something Rivett lobbied for from the start of his tenure as chief.

He says Saugeen Shores is booming and he’s encouraged that council recognized the need for a new police building.

“[Saugeen Shores] is getting busier and busier, so your infrastructure has to grow with the growth that you see in your community, part of that infrastructure is your policing services,” says Rivett. “The building is moving in the proper direction, council is on board with what has to be done to fix that problem.”

Former Stratford chief Mike Bellai will be sworn-in as the new chief on Friday and Rivett says Bellai is inheriting a talented police force.

“There is nothing that group of people right now can’t handle, when I come in for case conferences on matters that are going on, I sit back and I watch, I throw the odd comment out, but this group of people are so talented and work so well together,” says Rivett. “You’ve seen some of the crime that’s been going on in the community in the last little bit, and basically, they’ve solved it all.”

Rivett says he has not made any plans beyond getting settled at their new home, but admits at 58 years old, he’s not ready to stop working just yet.