Zurich Newspaper (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron County Museum Salutes Historic Newspapers

The Huron County Museum in Goderich has opened its latest temporary exhibit, ‘Hot Off the Press: Seen in the County Papers’.

Curator Sinead Cox says the exhibit focuses on the editors and the technology of the county’s newspapers as well as how they made their money, which was generally from advertising and printing rather than subscriptions.

Cox says in earlier times the local newspaper was a critical source of information and usually with a distinct bias.    She explains towns as small as Brussels and Wroxeter would often have two newspapers, because one was a Reform newspaper and the other a Tory publication.  Occasionally a Grit newspaper made it three in one town.

“Those little newspapers used to have the little jottings of who visited whom and who came home from school for the weekend and who made a really good cake and all that is sometimes shared I think more by social media today than our local newspapers,” says Cox.

On Saturday, February 24 at 2pm the museum will welcome long-time editor Keith Roulston as a special guest speaker.

The exhibit runs until the end of March.

Brussels Post newspaper (photo by Bob Montgomery)


One of the many historic displays featuring old county newspapers at the Huron County Museum. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)