Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / zurijeta.

Elementary Enrollment Increases In Avon Maitland Schools

The treasurer for the Avon Maitland Distict School Board had some good news for trustees this week.

Cheri Carter presented the board with the updated enrollment figures as of October 31, which are the figures the education ministry uses for funding.

For the second consecutive year, the updated figures were above the estimates, which are done shortly after the beginning of the school year. The board had 179 more elementary students than they estimated, and 101 of them were at the kindergarten level.

Carter explains the difference is caused by students who are not pre-registered or come in after the estimates are finalized.

The Avon Maitland board had experienced declining enrollment for the last eight or nine years.

Carter encourages parents to pre-register through the board’s “Calling All Three-Year-Old” program, or with their school, before the estimates are finalized.

“The students that don’t pre-register or they come in and register after estimates are finalized, so last year we had a surprising increase in the kindergarten level from when the estimates were done to when October came around,  and we had the exact same situation again this year,” says Carter.