The Rural Perspective Needs To Be Heard

Huron County council has approved an update to its advocacy campaign.

Acting CAO Meighan Wark says it’s still early in the process, but it’s critical that the rural perspective is heard. She says council believes it’s important to make sure that the various levels of government are listening to all of Ontario and that its critical that the rural perspective is heard.

Wark pointed to a few specific concerns — starting with broadband in rural communities, mental health services in rural communities, smart growth, sustainable farms, new opportunities for good paying jobs, and affordable housing for families.

Wark adds rural Ontario has to be a little more vocal because it doesn’t have the population density, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have important contributions to make to the discussion.

“It’s all about ensuring that there a variety of voices being communicated to the various levels of government and of course the rural community is such a significant voice and it’s important that our perspective is heard and I think this council is quite aware of that,” she says.