Budget Wish List Discussed In North Perth

A boost in funding is on the way for North Perth.

At last night’s 2018 budget meeting, Budget Chair Matt Duncan shared the good news.

“Our treasurer has let us know we are receiving a small increase in OMPF funding, a definite change from the last many years of decreases, which is nice,” he said.

Across the province the OMPF will provide $510-million to 389 municipalities. North Perth will receive $1,344,900 next year. Duncan is optimistic that increases could become more common in the next few years. After the OMPF news, councillors each took turns laying out what they’d like to see taken care of in the new year, including Duncan.

“I think roads are a definite thing we have to look after better, we have a lot of road infrastructure that needs work and upgrades,” says Duncan. “We have some library situations that need to be resolved, plain and simple, once and for all.”

Duncan was referring specifically to the Atwood library branch. He also said there have been requests for more recreational programming, and programs focused on youth retention. The issue of crosswalk upgrades in Listowel was raised again, as well.

Last week, local resident Tracy Weber gave a presentation urging council to improve cross walk safety in town. Duncan says he agrees.

“One that I definitely see is Wallace Ave. N,” he says. “We have a section of street with no crosswalks at all. I’ve watched people trying to cross, and we definitely need to do something about that.”