Grand Bend Beach. Photo courtesy of Lambton Shores Mayor Bill Weber via Twitter.

Grand Bend Steering Committee Excited After MTO Meeting

A spokesperson for the Grand Bend Transit Steering Committee says a recent meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Transportation was very encouraging.

The Transit Steering Committee is looking for a model for a transportation system that would cover the area around Grand Bend, Lambton Shores, North Middlesex and parts of Huron County.

Glenn Baillie says four Ministry representatives recently traveled out to Grand Bend to meet with members of the committee because they’re interested in seeing the project succeed. Baillie says the Grand Bend area is one of the last areas in the Province to look at transit and he’s convinced the MTO representative want to see thinly-populated areas get a transit system and they have a model put together that supports rural communities. Baillie maintains the onus is on rural communities to recognize there is a solution to their transportation issues and it won’t cost a fortune, they just have to make the commitment.

We met with four representatives with the Ministry of Transportation. They came in from their Bay Street offices because they’re really interested in seeing a good application for a pilot project come out of our area. We’re one of the last areas in Ontario to even look at transit.”

I believe these people want to see transit introduced into thinly-populated areas and they’ve got a model put together that really supports rural communities. So it’s up to the rural communities to see that there is a need that can be met and it won’t cost a fortune.”