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Students From Stratford Leave For Nunavut

Ten students from Stratford Central and Stratford Northwestern high schools have joined their teacher and two women committed to fitness and wellness on a trip to Nunavut.

Teacher Paul Finkelstein says this is the 13th time he’s taken students to a northern community. The goal is to help teach Indigenous and Inuit children, as well as adults, how to get away from prepared foods and cook from scratch for healthier diets.

Finkelstein explains they start by taking the kids shopping, which teaches them how to read labels. The children mix foods that are available at the local grocery store with food that’s been caught, hunted, or fished in the local community.

“It’s an amazing experience for our students because they get to connect to a part of Canada that they never get the opportunity to and life long friends, kids they’ve met from all these years of going, are still friends with out kids, so it’s a great cross-culture experience and a great way to connect with a different part of Canada,” says¬†Finkelstein.

They will be in Nunavut for nine days.

More information on the EatFit project can be found on the eatfitproject.ca web site.