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Vacant Unit Tax Rebate Could Disappear In Huron County

Huron County may be close to phasing out a 30% property tax rebate on vacant properties.

Treasurer Michael Blumhagen says the Vacant Unit Tax Rebate would be phased out over three years.

He agrees that losing the rebate could hurt some property owners who are having trouble renting out their spaces or buildings.  But he points out municipalities with empty store fronts on their main street would like to see tenants in those spaces.

“It could provide an incentive for business owners either not to speculate on properties, or to purchase properties and just sit on those and leave them vacant,” says Blumhagen. “There are some vacant units that do exist and there is little incentive that is available to date, to stimulate changing use.”

The hope is that removing the rebate might provide some incentive to move that along.

The motion to phase out the rebate has to be confirmed at next month’s regular county council meeting.