Huron County Economic Agencies Sharing More Information

The director of Huron County’s Economic Development Department says most people have no idea how many economic development agencies are at work in Huron County.

Cody Joudry says there are several BIAs and Chambers of Commerce in Huron County that all have their own unique issues.¬† However, he says they also have many common problems and can benefit by sharing experiences — both failures and successes.

Joudry says they’ve started doing that by getting together every quarter and sharing ideas. And he says they’re all benefiting from talking about what they’re doing and sharing what has worked and what hasn’t.

Joudry adds there also more regional groups that are funded for specific purposes like Community Futures, RTO4, the Immigration Network, the Small Business Centre, and the Four-County Labour Board that all have a role to play, but their focus is different.

Joudry says the county’s Economic Development Department, as well as the Economic Development Board, also have a role to play.

The Economic Development Department is working to keep everyone up to date on a regular basis.

“One BIA was talking about a particular project that they were working on and an EDO from one of the other municipalities and one of the other chambers was like; oh, that’s really interesting, tell us more and asking questions, talking about best practice, so there was a sharing of knowledge,” says¬†Joudry. “I asked all of the people at the table what can the county economic development department do to help you more with achieving your goals. And one of the discussions was just let us know what’s going on more, like a monthly update that you circulate to all of us.”