Dispute Over County Road Access To Wind Turbines

(BlackburnNews.com photo)

The mayor of Central Huron and the former president of the Huron-Perth Landowners Association have differing interpretations of a letter from Huron County’s solicitor.

Former association president Dave Hemingway had asked Central Huron to get a legal opinion on the county’s agreement to provide access on county roads to wind turbines to whoever assumed the company’s operation should Goshen Wind default on a loan.

Hemingway insisted the agreement amounted to the county putting up security for the project.

Mayor Jim Ginn says his interpretation from solicitor Greg Stewart’s letter was that should Goshen Wind default, whoever took over the operation would have the same access to the county roads as Goshen has in the operation of their business. Ginn maintains there is no attempt on the part of the county to obtain financing for the wind energy companies.

Hemingway says the county is providing security to the Mitsou Bank on behalf of the wind turbine company and has asked the municipality to get a second legal opinion.

Ginn says he’s satisfied with the opinion he has.

“The letter stated that the rights to use the roads by the wind turbine companies could be transferred to another party should the windmill company default on their loans, go bankrupt, whatever,” says Ginn. “There’s no financing or trying get financing for the wind turbine companies at all.”