G2G Trail And Other Municipal Trails Must Be Respected, Says North Perth Mayor

Blackburn News file photo.

This summer the G2G Trail completed a great deal of work along the trail, particularly in Perth County.

However, complaints involving ATV use on the trail, as well as litter and other abuse, have left a slight mark on the otherwise positive summer.

North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns says it’s important people respect the rules on municipal trails.

“Anyone on any given night if you’re driving anywhere in the municipality can see how much these trails are used and appreciated by local residents,” she says. “I think it’s important that, as a community, we are aware that there are certain rules when you’re using your trails.”

The mayor says the local trails are a major recreational draw to the area, and the municipality pays to maintain and promote the use of them. Behrns notes the trails make the community a better place to enjoy, and residents need to ensure they respect and help maintain the trails.

“In order to maintain them, I think it’s safe to say we need the help from all our residents to make sure that we respect the trail, and we respect everybody else’s use of the trail,” she says.