Kincardine Physicians Team Donates To Huron Shores Hospice

The Kincardine Physicians Team donates $10,000 to members of the Huron Shores Hospice group. September 6th, 2017 (Photo by Ryan Drury)

The Huron Shores Hospice project got a big boost in Kincardine Wednesday.

The Kincardine Physicians Team donated $10,000 toward the new hospice.

Cheryl Cottrill with the Huron Shores Hospice says donations like this are a major help.

“It’s great and we really appreciate their support,” she says. “It’s much needed, to bring the hospice to the community, and we really appreciate the Kincardine Physicians Team helping us.”

Cottrill says the $310,000 fundraising project for the hospice is nearly complete, with roughly $98,000 left. She says they have another big fundraising event at the end of this month, and they hope to have all the money needed to potentially open by the end of this year.

Dr. Damian Gunaratne says the Physicians Team wanted to back a project they feel will improve the community of Kincardine.

“The Kincardine Physicians Team really understand the importance of having a residential hospice and we understand that the funds need to come from the community, so we wanted to put our money together and show our support,” says Gunaratne. “We know this will be an excellent addition to our community and a real benefit to our patients.”