Sustainability Summit In Bayfield This Month

Blue Bayfield is hosting a Sustainability Summit later this month.

Sustainability Summit Committee Chair Shelagh Sully says they have a very impressive list of speakers and she suspects some of the issues that will be discusses will be the current state of our water, zero emission and getting rid of plastics.

Sully points out there is an urgency now that didn’t exist a few years ago and says Houston’s flood situation is proof that climate change is here and can’t be ignored.

She says we have to do something to slow it down as well as save aquatic species and protect the purity of our drinking water.

The Sustainability Summit is being held on Saturday, September 23 at the Bayfield Town Hall, beginning at 9am.

Tickets can be purchased and more information is available on the website.

According to Sully, “One is the situation of the water right now. Another would be zero emissions… any new buildings going on in our area. We can make them zero emissions nowadays. And getting rid of plastics is another huge thing we must contend with right now.”