Clinton Unveils New Pedestrian Crosswalks

( photo)

Starting next week drivers and pedestrians will notice new pedestrian crosswalks on some streets in Clinton.

Huron County Engineer Steve Lund says the county is putting three of the new crosswalks on county road 4 and Central Huron is putting the other in Clinton. The exact locations are near Albert Street & Park Lane, near Albert Street & Rattenbury Street, near Victoria Street and the plaza, south of the lights and Near Victoria Street & Railway Street.

Lund says the new crosswalks will differ only in the design and will require motorists to stop when a pedestrian has indicated a desire to cross the road. Lund says the initiative for the new crosswalks came from the Province and there is an education component that goes along with them. He adds if they prove to be successful it’s likely more will be installed in other locations.

“The markings are new. There is a bit of an education program going on in the Province because it is a new style of crossing. It’s a little more cost-effective in terms of a full intersection or mid-block pedestrian signal.”

“We’re installing three in uh.. County Road 4 and Central Huron’s doing one in Clinton. I anticipate that if this is a success, that you could see this further being implemented in other locations in other years.”