Huron County Energy Conservation Plan Exceeds Expectations

Huron County’s Stewardship Co-ordinator says an energy conservation plan requested by the Province and implemented in 2013 has exceeded expectations.

But Rachel White says the process has also demonstrated the need for more work. “The target for energy reduction is approximately .5 per cent per year so by 2016 the goal would have been to reduce the energy use from 2013 levels by 1.5 per cent. And we were able to achieve a 1.9 per cent reduction.” White adds, despite that reduction in consumption energy costs were about 150-thousand dollars more than in 2013 because the cost of energy keeps going up and they expect that to continue.

White points out that had they done nothing the cost of energy would have gone up another 120-thousand dollars. She adds a large part of the savings is simply the result of changing the culture in some of the buildings and the process has shown them several more ways energy consumption can be reduced.