Meaford Ready To Go Solo on Water Operations

The Municipality of Meaford is making plans to take over the operation of its waste water treatment plant.

The treatment plant on Grandview Avenue is currently run by staff of the Ontario Clean Water Agency under a contract with the Municipality.    Meaford staff at the plant run the potable water operation which supplies Meaford residents with drinking water.

Last December, council sent a letter to OCWA saying Meaford would not be renewing the contract in December of this year.

Council has since voted to have municipal staff take over running the wastewater treatment plant this coming January.

In his report to council this month, Planning Director Rob Armstrong stated that municipal staff are capable of running the waste treatment operation as well as the water treatment and supply operation.

Armstrong said that by taking over the waste water treatment, Meaford would save almost $25 thousand dollars a year.