More Huron County Municipalities Sharing CEMC

Central Huron council has voted to share the services of a community emergency management coordinator with the county.

Mayor Jim Ginn explains all municipalities are required to have an emergency management coordinator, and in most cases they’ve given that responsibility to their fire chief.

But the┬áprovince has not fully embraced that idea, believing it’s important for the fire chief to be on the scene in the event of an emergency.

In the past, Huron County had a part-time CEMC, but it has now agreed to make it a full-time position and give the lower-tier municipalities the opportunity to share that person.

Ginn points out there is a huge advantage in having one person know what equipment each municipality has, and where to go to get that equipment in an emergency.

There is no cost to the municipalities, and Ginn believes about half of the lower-tier municipalities in Huron County have agreed to share the services of the CEMC.