‘Move Over – Protect Us All’

A number of emergency services in Perth County have joined forces to launch an awareness campaign aimed at drivers.

The theme “Move Over – Protect Us All” focuses on what drivers must do when approached by an ambulance, police cruiser, or fire truck with emergency lights activated.

Perth County OPP Staff Sergeant Stephane Pilon says failing to observe these traffic laws can delay personnel responding to life threatening incidents and put emergency personnel at risk themselves.

“When an ambulance, police, fire emergency vehicle or tow truck is stopped on the side of the road with its emergency lights activated, drivers in the lane next to it must slow down and, where possible and if it’s safe to do so, change lanes,” says North Perth Fire Chief Ed Smith. “We all like to go home to our families.”

Perth East and West Perth Fire Chief Bill Hunter adds, “If you see a vehicle with a flashing green light, please yield the right of way. That will be one of our firefighters responding to the station.”

Paramedic Chief Linda Rockwood states, “Not only can our paramedics be put in harm’s way, but so too can a patient being transported to hospital.”

Developed by Toronto Police and its partner agencies, Perth County has been given permission to use these tools to educate the community. You can find it on YouTube by clicking here or on the Perth County Emergency Management Facebook page.